R. Flowers Rivera: Poetry Is Nonfiction and Other Things My Students Learn to Trust

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Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

My Creating Poetry class continues to stun me, or I should say the effects some teacher from their long-ago pasts does. See, these are my upper-level, undergrad students who have elected to try their hand at writing poems or to further develop some poetic series they have been writing toward. Inevitably, at least once a semester (if not more), some serious soul or another recounts the experience of having been instructed to seek the right answer when ferreting out motifs and theme, or the meaning as they engage in a close reading of the text, of having been told to first research what other critics have said about a work—or, even more interestingly, what their teacher says is the right answer. Here, I keep my tongue and old American Bandstand allusions in check: “I’ll give it 78, Dick. It’s got a groovy beat and you can move to it.” Via…

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“We believe that in life we have to fight for what’s important”: Sarayaku

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Indigenous World Forum on Water and Peace

Sarayaku 2

Patricia Gualinga and Sarayaku advocates


Today, we have borrowed the title of our post from Eriberto Gualinga’s reflection in the closing of his documentary Children of the Jaguar—a brave testimony of resistance by the Sarayaku nation (2002-2012) against the Ecuadorian State’s project of oil extraction in the Amazon. In the presence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in Costa Rica, Jose Gualinga, Eriberto’s brother and Sarayaku President, explains the connection between his community and the forest:

We’ve come from our distant lands in Sarayaku, from the River of Maize. We’re descended from the Jaguar, children of Amazanga Runa, sons and daughters of the People of the Midday.

Children of the Jaguar shows the courage of indigenous filmmakers as they use video and creativity as a weapon to protect their territories. In 2002, the Ecuadorian government violated the Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention…

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REVIEW: Streaming by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

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by Matthew Pincus

Streaming, by Allison Adelle Hegde Coke, is concerned with the interconnectedness of historical moments that are enmeshed with the personal and global spiritual consciousness of the present world. The speaker says in the title poem, “Impressions strummed today / incite future impulsion, / create past prophecy” (6). Global warming, the changing climate, September 11, street children in Medellin, Colombia, the rights of indigenous, the Dust Bowl are all issues in the forum of the text. Historical or current manmade problems are evoked: “Along an echo-wrinkle in existence / your presence permeates swaying” (6). That is, the many folds or moments of experience echo in the spirit, or emotions of others, and permeate the many swaying moods of society, culture, and politics.

The collection is tightly structured, starting with an elegy to her mother, and having each successive section dedicated to family –…

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Prediction, another Great Migration

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Drought/climate catastrophe = Great Migration to Great Lakes region

Chicago, be ready, California may be headed your way

Streaming (Book & Album)

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Hedgecoke's Weblog

Streaming full jacket

New book with Coffee House Press out late fall 2014 – preorder open now

Streaming cd imprint 2

New album on Long Person Records with Rd Klā
Download album – available now

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Streaming (Book & Album)

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Streaming full jacket

New book with Coffee House Press out late fall 2014 – preorder open now

Streaming cd imprint 2

New album on Long Person Records with Rd Klā
Download album – available now

M.I.A. October: Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

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Allison_Hedge_Coke_Headshots-3What is the book (or story) that you are currently working on?

Just sent off final proofs on Streaming, coming out in December, with Coffee House Press.

Where did the idea come from and does it fall under a specific genre?

The book is in tribute to the earth and calculates catastrophe caused by humankind upon her and intimate, personal, experiences within the changes we are going through as a species. Poetry.

What are you currently reading (and why should others be reading it too)?

Currently blurbing about ten books that will be coming out soon, so reading tons of new work by new poets and writers. We all need to keep abreast of the ever-growing conversations in poetry, prose, literature, and to be informed as to what conversation we are in, as writers.

What are some upcoming titles in your reading list?

National Book Award long listings:

  • Fanny…

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