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Kinship Burden

Posted in Uncategorized on April 23, 2011 by HedgeCoke

Kinship Burden

Subconscious awareness of events due to relationships.

Here’s some inspiration:
Jon Davis blogs:
“Weird thing: I never comment on blogs or news sites, but last night I was on the Nation website and ended up posting to a “Most Important Protest Songs” article. I added “Black Lung” to the discussion. Then I wanted to listen to it this morning. When I searched I found she’d died last night.”

Rest In Peace Hazel Dickens
Let’s give Hazel terminology to carry on.
If you’ve used energy in the US, you’ve used coal. Kinship burden.
Hazel passes, we mourn all the people her songs mourned, kinship burden elicits this response.
We, due to kinship burden, mourn subconsciously until the conscious receives the imprint rationally.
Converse and note how important her work is and the people she called our attention to are/remain.

Let’s hope the burden elicits new sourcing. People got by without any of this industrialized world. We need map out needs and work for needs. Wants have to go.