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New up Kimberly L Becker & Wang Ping (thank you Glenda Bailey Mershon)

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That amazing writer/thinker/worker Glenda Bailey-Mershon, Scot-Cherokee descent, holds such sincerity in her writing she will definitely bring you to a new place if you follow her:

<>. Glenda invited me to join the blog tour My Writing Process, so here we are and here I thank her and encourage you to go read her today and to look into her life as a reflection of the deeper place.

It is true that Glenda has a great on-going blog. Whereas, I tend to blog when I want to have a theory posted for the date. My latest theory is boiling over right now but I am not ready to post it. Soon!

Meanwhile, jump over to Glenda’s amazing page once you finish this one up and follow all the other links I post, too, for the full run.

1)       What am I working on?

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