Dedicate Your No-Trump Vote

Allison Adelle Hedge Coke


I dedicate my no-trump vote to the brilliantly minded, loving, kind, and generous living creatures in the world, humans included. To all the morning sunrises and evening moon appearances. To all the forests delivering rain and breath for the moving world inhabitants. To each and every person who has been traumatized, bullied, wounded, raped, murdered, tortured, survivors and not. To those who no matter how difficult their life’s transpirings they continued to hold hope and to those who lost hope or never knew it to begin with due to the circumstances to which they were born into. I dedicate my no-trump vote to love and learning, to living and to reaching whatever it is the mind’s eye calls us to. I dedicate my no-trump vote to the future, to the generations coming, and to those we have lost and mourn with their many many wishes flooding through us and all those who follow, for us to dream and live, in their memory and for their dignity. To those who hold dignity dear and to those who have yet to understand the privilege of dignity. To those who have never had an iota of privilege and who barely take in breath without repercussion. To those who will grow dreams for all of us in the verdant gardens of their developing minds. To those who will fill us with the beautiful abundance of life and will protect our air, our land, our rivers, streams, creeks, aquifers, oceans, watershed, to those water protectors at Standing Rock, those Oceti Sakowin, Sacred Stone, Red Warrior camps, and to all of their brave supporters, to each and every person brutalized for defending safe earth and air and clean water in Indigenous communities globally and throughout the Americas, from ice cap to ice cap. For those communities losing their ice caps due to the burning of fossil fuels. For the communities, animal life, plant life, fish, and flying who are losing their homes and their lives due to the blundering monstrosities money has fixated and fashioned into the beasts of empire crushing the soul of the planet. I dedicate my no-trump vote to my family with many abilities and races and rates of survival, or not. To my children and grandchildren and friends and relatives. I dedicate my no-trump vote to every border-crosser that had borders cross them and still kept standing. To all of those #noDAPL Water Protectors standing now, taking mercenary artillery hits (rubber bullets, bean bag shots, mace, pepper spray, baton hit), who have been under siege in North Dakota on the Cannonball, marked and caged, and to those who protect the graves of their ancestors wherever they may be. To those who open the erased histories to cleanse the world and let her breathe again. May she breathe again, may she breathe.


For more Dedicated no-trump votes see: <;



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