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Intervention – “Water is Life and Life is Sovereignty: Context and Considerations for Critical Geographers”

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Water is Life and Life is Sovereignty: Context and Considerations for Critical Geographers

Andrew Curley
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

On 4 December 2016, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the owners of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) the necessary permit to drill beneath the Missouri River and bring more oil to the international market. This is a great victory for indigenous people and should be treated as such. A small tribal government, saying mni waconi or “water is life”, took on the most powerful industry in the world in the interest of our collective sustainability and they won. It’s clearly not a total victory. But it is a sizeable achievement. The tribe had to challenge: state and local authority; thuggish police; regulators in league with oil interests; the harassment of the US Republican Party; and the indifference of the US Democratic Party. In terms of political…

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Come Join Us

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At UCR, we value taking the financial burden off of writers so that they can study and write without, we hope, going into debt. We do not admit more students than we can fund in substantial ways via fellowships and stipends.

Our MFA Program is also distinct in its opportunities for cross-genre study in both seminars and workshops. There are hundreds of manifestations of how and why writers might want to study another genre, and we respect and support that. We recognize literary luminaries who have done the same and do not want to limit our students to the craft of one genre.

Come write in Riverside, where you will be supported artistically, financially, and communally. UCR, truly, is a place where everyone has a place:

•#1 UCR is ranked as the 7th most diverse university in the nation (U.S. News & World Report)

• #2 university in the nation for contributing to the public good (Washington Monthly)

• #3 “best college for Hispanic students” (

• #3 university in the nation for community service participation (Washington Monthly)

• We are a “Top 10 Trans-Friendly” university indexed by Campus Pride

We are unabashedly proud of these rankings, and we want writers of talent and vision to join our diverse artistic community.

Come join us at UCR. You’ll find us nestled by the Box Springs Mountains in orange grove country, where our writers are teeming with ideas, scenes, stanzas, plots, stage directions, and stories about their lives.

Apply today!