Sway Value: Cross Cultural Poetics from XCP: Cross Cultural Poetics

•Article. ―Sway Value: Cross-Cultural Poetics,‖ XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics. 2008 [Critical/Theory] [Cultural Philosophy] [Published]
[Nominated for Pushcart Award by Editor]

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Sway Value: Cross Cultural Poetics

A. A. Hedge Coke

Evidenced in the oraliteratures of Indigenous cultures from around the world, poetics place people in the proximity of presence with purposeful revelatory lingual pluck against a grain of potential plunther.  Cross cultural relationships intermingle human and other mammals, animals, plants; commingle human to humanity; bridge bearings across borders, real and imagined, throughout the planetary embrace we call life. In this platitude of existential and physical endeavor, poetics play a philosophic, intellectual, and spiritual role in narrativising and imaging culture, as is necessary to sustain ourselves as humans, as an average ingle plays the most pivotal physical role in keeping comfort in a wintering lodge night.

Words spoken, written, recited, and relayed, reveal the lingual tinkerings of the isolated emblem, individual consciousness, as a linking variable integral to the patterning consciousness of humanity and that which humanity thrives upon and co-exists with:…

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